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Broward teen’s lawyer: Police trumped up charges to cover their own brutality

After body slamming, pepper spraying and ramming the face of a 15-year-old into the pavement, Florida deputies filed bogus charges against the boy, civil rights attorney Ben Crump alleged Thursday. The charges — which prosecutors have now said they won’t pursue, though Crump said he hasn’t seen that in writing — were part of a…MORE

Bill Cosby is fighting a $6.7 million lawyer bill

Bill Cosby is challenging an arbitration decision that mandated he pay nearly $7 million in fees to a law firm that represented him for nine months in 2015 and 2016, documents show. The final result of the arbitration was filed in January and upheld a $6.7 million bill Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan had charged…MORE

Stefanie Sherk, Canadian model and actress, dies at 37

Canadian model and actress Stefanie Sherk has died at the age of 37, her husband, actor Demián Bichir, has confirmed. Sherk, who had appeared in TV offshoot “CSI: Cyber” and in movies including “Valentine’s Day,” died on Saturday, Bichir said on Instagram. Bichir was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his role in “A…MORE

The giant bird that killed its owner is now up for sale

The giant cassowary that killed its owner last week in Florida will be up for auction this weekend. Marvin Hojas, who breeds the huge birds, was killed April 19 when one of his cassowaries attacked him after he fell in the backyard of his Gainesville home, the Alachua County, Florida Sheriff’s Office said. The San…MORE

Woman accused of threatening to blow up churchgoers in California is charged

A woman who walked into an Easter Sunday service in California carrying a handgun and a baby has been charged with nine felony and misdemeanor counts, authorities said. Anna Conkey, 31, brought an unloaded gun to the auditorium at Mount Everest Academy in San Diego, authorities said. CNN affiliate KSWB confirmed the charges against her.…MORE